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Supplement companies understand that the formula is the most valuable aspect of a product, and TenGenix is really drawing in a crowd for its famed formula. In just a few weeks after its release, people began talking about TenGenix, while some are referencing it as the best male enhancement pill ever developed.

Being the best male enhancement pill is certainly up for debate, but one thing is for sure – TenGenix has one of the most compelling formulas ever made public by a supplement company. Its formula, which is backed by tons of research and clinical trials, are all made available online for everyone to see. In a market saturated by scams and frauds, it’s a refreshing sight for a customer to finally be able to purchase with confidence.

Like any trusted supplement, it all starts with the ingredients in TenGenix. Its long list of 10 benefits can only be achieved with a supplement ingredient list that is not only complete but effective as well. TenGenix uses the power of synergy to make it all happen. The idea is to have ingredients in the formula that would perfectly complement the effects of each of the other ingredients in the formula. Finding the right ingredients proved to be a tough assignment, but the team pulled through and as a result, TenGenix was made.

Here’s how the formula works:

It all starts with TONGKAT ALI.

TONGKAT ALI is an aphrodisiac that gained notoriety in the 90s for being a popular alternative for Viagra, which at the time was really expensive. Tongkat Ali is probably the wonder ingredient in many male enhancement supplement formulas as it is included in many male enhancement supplement products that we have encountered. Tongkat Ali acts as a primary PDE-5 inhibitor, which puts it in the same league as Sildenafil and Tadalafil, the generic names of popular erectile dysfunction drugs Cialis and Viagra. Tongkat Ali is absorbed in just minutes, and its effects on the male erection could be observed in as quickly as 30 minutes after taking the first dose. Tongkat Ali also functions as a potent aphrodisiac to help focus blood flow to the penis, and as a free calcium blocker to prolong male erections.

TONGKAT ALI works with L-ARGININE to create an amplified vasodilation

L-Arginine is a semi-essential amino acid that acts as a precursor to nitric oxide. L-Arginine is found in many products, including hair growers, bodybuilding supplements, and of course – male enhancement supplements. L-Arginine works by binding nitric oxide to GMP, which then creates cyclic guanosinemonophosphate, the enzyme responsible for erections. L-Arginine’s role is to dilate blood vessels and push more blood to the penis. With the PDE-5 inhibitors in the formula, the vasodilation effect lasts longer, which speeds up the time that you need to wait before you can measure results.

MUIRA PUAMA Kicks into High Gear

Muira Puama is a potent aphrodisiac, which greatly affects the way L-arginine works in the body. L-arginine has the ability to dilate blood vessels in other areas of the body, which lessens the blood pressure. Lower pressure on the penis would only make the penis harder. With the effects of an aphrodisiac, users can essentially contract blood vessels in certain areas of the body and focus the extra blood flow to the penis.

Maca Root keeps you going

Maca root is an herb used to help men and women improve sexual health. Recent studies about Maca shows that it helps control hormones. Studies suggest that maca root can enable users to gain full control over their orgasm. More control helps prevent premature ejaculation. Maca root also helps shorten the refractory period to enable users to experience sexual arousal in just minutes following an orgasm.

Tribulus Terrestris keeps you ready all-day-long

Tribulus Terrestris is a testosterone booster which is commonly found in many bodybuilding supplements. Although Tribulus Terrestris is more established as a workout supplement, in higher concentrations it would greatly influence sexual desire, which triggers more erections and better sexual pleasure.

It takes an extraordinary formula to meet the 10 benefits of TenGenix. No other male enhancement pill on the market today can deliver on such benefits.

Benefits of TenGenix

1. Accelerated Penile Expansion (APEX) Technology

The APEX technology not only ensures that your body absorbs as much of the nutrients as it can by protecting the ingredients as it moves through your gastrointestinal tract, to be absorbed wholly through the small intestine. The potency and types of TenGenix ingredients used ensure that the ingredients are easily absorbed and distributed throughout the body, thus ensuring almost-immediate benefits.

2. Permanent penis enlargement

Through consistent use of TenGenix, users can expect a permanent growth on the penis by making the penile chambers adapt to the increased volume of blood that flows through the chambers through the vasodilation effect of the TenGenix ingredients.

3. Improved sexual endurance

Users of TenGenix can expect a surge in sexual stamina through ingredients that not only improve physical stamina, but hormonal balance during sexual stimulation. The balance of hormones enable users to maintain the sexual appetite for a much longer period of time, thus driving the body to perform longer and better in bed.

4. Increased penile firmness

TenGenix ingredients cause the smooth muscles that control arterial dilation to relax, allowing an increased volume of blood to flow to the penis, causing a much firmer erection. This also alleviates the primary causes of erectile dysfunction such as stenosis and occlusion.

5. Full orgasm control

The hormonal balance caused by the TenGenix ingredients enable users to wholly control their orgasms including the frequency and intensity of their orgasms. TenGenix effectively solves the causes of premature ejaculation down to its cause.

6. Decreased refractory period

After an orgasm, men experience a ‘rest period’ or refractory period in which men no longer feels the need to continue any kind of sexual activity. With TenGenix, men no longer have to wait hours or days for their refractory period to end as TenGenix helps to shorten the refractory period in men.

7. Decreased mental and sexual fatigue

Mental and sexual fatigue is the most common cause of loss of intimacy and boredom in a relationship. TenGenix helps by improving libido that keeps men attentive to activities that are sexual in nature to prevent the usual fatigue that occurs in a relationship.

8. Improved response to sexual stimulus

TenGenix includes several types of aphrodisiacs that increase the sensitivity of men towards sexual stimuli. An increase in sensitivity to sexual stimuli helps prevent erectile dysfunction, and it heightens the pleasure that men feel during sexual intercourse.

9. Prolonged erectile function

TenGenix has ingredients that prevent the penis from going flaccid too soon during sexual intercourse. Special free calcium inhibtors ensure that your penis will stay firm and hard during sex.

10. Increased release of natural pheromones

Attraction is more than just physical and sexual – it can also be chemical. Pheromones are chemical signals that are picked up by the sense of smell that dictates how biologically compatible you are to mate with the opposite sex. By increasing the body’s testosterone levels, TenGenix could improve the release of natural pheromones and make your chemical signals stronger and make you more ‘chemically’ attractive.

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